Sep 29 , 2016

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Hindi songs

HINDI SONGS are one of the most famous songs in the world. The trend of Hindi songs 2016 introduced a century ago. Music has no boundary, so that’s why the people of the world love to listen to any song of their choice. If we look on to the history of Indian or Pakistani Music, we will come to know that many singers from Pak and Ind have collaborated with each other in grooming the music industry of their country. This trend was, then changed into fashion and nowadays, we can see at least one Pakistani song in an Indian film or vice versa. Indian Music industry is grown up and now one of the biggest industry in the world. Pakistani music industry has some very iconic singers like Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, which are still ranked top in the Indian music industry. In 80’s and 90’s people were used to listen to music on radio, then in 90’s they also started listening to music on Tv as well, but that technology was still limited. Because people were unable to hear to a music of their choice but when the internet arrives at the end of 90’s people were introduced with some new technologies, they can listen to music on the web. At that time it was like a dream because that technology was new for people. As the internet spread all over the world and people started to use different music apps, at the beginning of 21’st century. At that time people were used to downloading music because they were unable to play live streaming of songs, but in that era, the speed of internet was in kbps and people faced so many issues while downloading music. Nowadays people can enjoy music without downloading it. Many apps are introduced to listen to music like Youtube, Dailymotion and sound cloud and iTunes. You can enjoy free music from these apps except iTunes because it is a paid service and it is for iPhone only. You can watch and listen them in these web based apps. If you want to download music in audio you can use SoundCloud and if you are willing to look at the video of a song as well then you must go for youtube tune pk or Dailymotion, you can watch that in 720p or 1080p. The technology has no end, so we will see so many different Hindi songs apps in the next year 2017 to onwards.

Old Hindi Songs

Old is gold. The music from 80’s and 90’s is far smooth and romantic than the songs nowadays. At that time pk songs and singers were on the top. Hindi music is also very popular now and was also popular in 80’s and 90’s..

Top 10 Bollywood Songs from 80’s

So I am going to present you the list of top Indian songs from 80’s according to us.

Top 10 Bollywood Songs from 90’s

So the top 10 pk & Indian songs in 90’s according to me are mentioned below.

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Romantic Hindi Songs

Some of the romantic songs are going viral.

Top most romantic song

One of 2016 is "DIL MEIN CHHUPA LOONGA" which is viral now a days. This Indian/Hindi song was a blockbuster in the past, and it's again going in that position to broke all the records of 2016.

Aisay Na Mujhe Tum Dekho - indian music
Dil Mein Chupa loonga - hindi songs Tumko Mein Chura Luga Tum Se - indian songs

Songs about friendship Ye Dosti Milti Naseeb Se is a friendship based song. Yaar Anmule is also a well knows a song for friendship.

Songs about Family A lot of Bollywood films based on family, and we can listen to their songs because they are about family. For example, a song "Meri Maa" from movie Taare Zameen Par is a song for a mother.

Hindi songs for kids "Koi Mil Gaya" songs are especially for kids. A song from Koi Mil Gaya "Jadu" can consider as a song for kids.

Hindi Songs Lyrics

Ae Meray Dil Mubarik Ho - hindi song lyrics Koi Mujh Ko Youn Mila Hai jesy Banjaare ko ghar - hindi songs lyrics
Abhi Mujhe Mein Kahi - indian songs lyrics Mohabbat hai ye ji hazuri nahi - Kareena Kapoor

Hindi songs about love Bollywood songs are mostly for the people who are in a relationship, engaged or married to someone. People used to dedicate this to their loved ones.

Hindi songs About Rain Is Dard e Dil Ki Sifarish is the most popular rain Hindi song ever from the film Yaariyan. The romantic scenes of this song are making this song more unique.

Hindi songs about life Kuch to Bata Zindagi from the movie Bajrangi Bhaijaan based on life.

Many songs like MERE RASHKE QAMAR which were superhit in past are now again taking action over the internet.

Half Girlfriend movie songs are added. Baarish, Pher bhi tum ko chahuga, Mere Dil Mein & Tu thori dere