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Latest Hindi songs

Are known to be ones that are filled with a whole new level of fun. However, Old Hindi songs have maintained the charm and popularity they carry, regardless of the advancements in musical instruments and composition.

Without much stories, this article with point out some very salient reasons why Old songs from the 1960s to the 1990s still appear to be popular even until today.

Great Lyrics

Saying that all modern Hindi songs 2016 are meaningless will be an incorrect thing to say, but it is unarguable that composers and film make saw lyrics of songs in Hindi movies in the past as important as the message and lesson the movies were meant to pass across.

Songs like "Ae Mere Watan Ke Logon" came into the limelight, not just for the voices of the singers but also for meaningful and amazing lyrics. Naushad and Burman are composers who worked with great lyricists like Anand Bakshi, Kaifi Azmi, and Ludhianvi just to create evergreen songs. Without surprises, songs from the 60s have never been recorded to be less popular in our modern world.

Great Singers

Old Hindi songs do not just have great lyrics. They also were sung by great singers who added more color to the beauty of the song. Great singers like Asha Bhonsle, Manna Dey, Kishor Kumar, Mahendra Kapoor, etc, had a distinctive style and they have left an indelible impact on the Hindin movie Industry. Even some modern singers like Sonu Nigam and Kumar Sanu clearly stated that all they have done is to just emulate the singing style of Hindi music giants of the industry.

When you listen to songs, there are higher chances that you will hear some melodious voices and soulful tunes that just cannot found in the newly released songs we have today.

Great Songs For Different Moods

With Old Hindi songs, you are opened to so many choices: If you are the type who finds sad songs likable, Hindi songs produced for tragic situations from the 60s to the 90s will give you that melancholic and sober tunes you will enjoy.

However, if you fast and peppy music lover type, listening to songs sung by Kishore Kumar in the 60s and 70s will make you dance all you want. Wait a minute! What about romance songs? You simply need to lay hands on songs sung by the likes of Mohammad Rafi; Mahendra Kapoor songs are the best choice for love sessions too.

You don’t necessarily have to go around carrying your favorite Old Hindi songs collection because you can just log on to the internet and get your favorite old songs downloaded. If you wouldn’t like to download them, listening to them on the web is a great thing to do too.

You can also create a playlist, which can be accessed anytime and whenever you feel you need them. This will directly help you enjoy your favorite songs when you are either driving or on the move.

Old Hindi songs may be old, but they are gold.

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