Atif Aslam’s another song went viral over the internet

Atif Aslam 

Pakistani singer is one of the best singer ever. His songs are going viral over the internet because of his melodious voice. Teray sang yara is an awesome and most romantic song of 2016 but now Kher Mangda is getting viral over the internet .

 Pakistani singer Atif Aslam is one of the best singer ever. His songs are going viral over the internet because of his melodious voice. Teray sang yara is an awesome hindi song and most romantic song of 2016 and now one more super hit song Pehli Dafa is realeased in 2017.

Atif Aslam: Celebrity’s Hit Stories

Have you tried blogging any of Atif Aslam concert? It will definitely blow your mind away, the atmosphere always changes at his arrival, capturing the attention of his audience, the exact same feeling that causes people give up other plans just to listen to Atif Aslam songs, indeed his thrilling voice and muscular display inspires ladies to scream and jump around his side.  But then, Atif Aslam wife was asked one certain time, if she ever feels jealous about the way other ladies flocks around her husband, and guess what!, she gave a very straight forward answer, “I don’t mind because I know he loves me more”.

 Recently, Atif’s stormed the stage again with a surprise hit, something new, it was nothing like the usually fling, It was actually Atif Aslam new song. He featured another singer that busted the whole show; Atif Aslam and Sonu Nigam rocked the stage that night.

More so, Atif Aslam a Pakistani pop singer and film actor, who has an exceptional dancing style and stage skills, gained much influence through his numerous performance in prominent cities in the US, including outside the US like London and Dubai. Atif Aslam net worth grew to $22 million, after winning over the stage in these countries as a pop star.
Atif Aslam concert 2016 was reminiscent to the Houston concert; a city in Texas, were he played his guitar and made his audience stay awake throughout the night. Atif Aslam Houston tour was incredible; his fame went viral all over the Asia.

The 1983 born artist clocked 33 this year, yet some fans still doubt Atif Aslam age due to his muscular look and smoothie appearance.
Atif Aslam songs list are numerous , some were featured in award winning Bollywood movies, and about three of his songs featured in “Man Push Cart” a popular American Independent film that gained an international award, this is simply a tip of the iceberg to what Atif Aslam has accomplish over the past few years.
Moreover, Atif Aslam Atlanta visit was another “Hit in the Big City”, a peculiar concert that painted the whole city red, it kicked off after Atif Aslam all songs were set out for uploads in social media, the very first song that was uploaded at that time, flashed back memories of his alliance with one pop singer called Sonu Nigam. Atif Aslam and Sonu Nigam Houston’s energetic performance keeps people wondering where they draw their dancing inspiration from. Immediately after that event, he flew to Austin, a State capital of Texas on the Colorado River and settled for a while. Atif Aslam Austin visit raised his profile to a global level. One of his greatest hit “Aadat” was promoted in Texas, and for the first time, Atif Aslam Aadat song sold in Texas.

 A time came when Atif Aslam and his wife drove out for brunch somewhere in Pakistan, coincidentally a song from Atif Aslam album started to play. It never occurred to him that such scenario will happen at that time, the song continued to play as if Atif Aslam all songs list were all selected, including Atif Aslam best songs. Eventually, people started approaching, in a short while, the music tone attracted a number of people. How ridiculous! This was so unbelievable, with everyone dancing and singing Atif Aslam Bollywood songs, the most amazing part was that Atif Aslam birthday was only few days behind the clock. Shortly after the dance started, Atif Aslam band crew arrived, in full glare of the public and started hitting the drum. The rest are history! Some of these events are already in Atif Aslam biography.

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 Atif Aslam Boston last visit brought back balance to his Boston fans, as far as music is concerned, in fact,  Atif Aslam Bol drama was displayed there in Boston (one of his social drama which was written in Urdu language) and this was simply a plan to make Atif Aslam B day memorable. Atif aslam sings so many hindi songs also.

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